Napa Fall Engagement Session with Jen + Mitch

Napa in the fall is truly magical. After our shoot with Jen & Mitch, we kept saying how we neeeeeed to go back more often & that it's truly a crime given how close we are that we don't go regularly. Maybe having 3 kids has a part in that...but I mean, some wineries have got to have childcare right??

You know what though, Napa in the fall may not be as magical without these 2 beautiful people to take photos of. As gorgeous as the scenery is, Jen's smile just steals the show. I mean, look at her! We loved watching Jen & Mitch interact & be themselves in front of the camera. Their adoration for each other is evident & even though they both came in saying they would be terrible at photos, half way through the shoot I swear they forgot we were even there...& that truly is the best feeling as a photographer to know you have made your couples that comfortable & genuine in front of your lens. Congrats, Jen & Mitch! We can't wait for your wedding in April!!!


I am planning on sometimes adding tips to my posts - whether it be camera techincal stuff, natural posing advice, wedding timeline feedback, engagement photo wardrobe insight, etc. I do not feel like I have all the answers, plus every wedding, couple & photographer is different! I was a teacher for a few years & this is now my virtual's a great outlet for me to teach & educate in some areas I feel I have a lot of experience & knowledge about. So just humor me, ok?

Engaged Couples: Always always always bring options when heading to an engagement shoot. Hopefully your photographer emphasizes the importance of this, but we have found it very impactful on our shooting time & on our couples' attitudes when we have them change. It helps reset the atmosphere & it gives them a clean slate to start fresh. I always encourage our couples to think through at least 3-5 looks. If I don't get a chance to look at their outfits prior, this gives me options in case I want to change up a look on the spot. Jen did a great job creating a few looks that had totally different vibes & we found locations that were complimentary. Have some fun playing stylist & going shopping! And if you hate that sort of thing...give me a call ;)