An Oakley Wedding for High School Sweethearts // Ryan & Amy

Ryan & Amy are very special people. After their engagement shoot, Chad & I literally high-fived in the car because we were just so stoked we were getting the chance to work with them. There is so much genuine love & joy that pours out of Ryan & Amy. It has touched so many people in their lives & they incorporated true thankfulness for those people in such a genuine way into their wedding day. I asked Ryan & Amy a few questions about their day & the planning process so I could incorporate their answers into this post. I've never done this before, but it honestly made it so much more special to me as I was writing their blog & curating the frames together to illustrate what an incredible story they have & what a beautiful wedding it was.  There were also so many sweet moments & beautiful, personal details that were carefully thought through...I loved having even more insight with Ryan & Amy's thoughts through it all. Amy & Ryan - we love you guys & are so grateful we got to be a part of your day & this memorable season of your lives. Thank you for having a love that is inspiring to be around - a love that is goofy, playful, passionate, strong & gentle all at the same time. You guys are truly some of the best.

"Ryan and I met in early 2007 when I was a freshmen and he was a junior. He noticed me when I was at his junior prom as one of his friends date. A week later he messaged me on MySpace asking if we could hangout sometime. After trying to dodge him and make up excuses for a while, I finally agreed to go to the movies with him. Little did I know this semi-good looking junior in high school still didn’t have his license and his mom and little sister had to come pick me up for our first date (how lame). We saw Shrek 3 at the old downtown Brentwood movie theater. The date was ok, but he still didn’t drive…. So I stopped talking to him for a few months until I finally saw him driving to school one day (and he looked HOT!) After that day we slowly started hanging out again. Then one night he caught me off guard and asked if I would be his girlfriend as he was dropping me off one night. I wasn’t sure if I liked him very much so I kindly let him down and said no. Well, Ryan wasn’t about to give up that easily, he came back after I turned him down but this time he had white roses in his hand. He begged me to just give him a chance! I felt so bad that he went all the way to buy roses that I had to say yes! (Even though in the back of my mind I was already planning on how to break up with him in a week or two.) However, to my surprise, I had no idea how much this persistent, hilarious, and goofy boy and me would actually have in common. Before we knew it 3 months had passed and we were absolutely inseparable. A month later on my front porch, planning what to wear to the upcoming dance, Ryan told me he semi-loved me, and I laughed and told him I semi-loved him too. A few weeks later he dropped the real, big life changing 3-letter word, “semi” not included. He said, “I LOVE YOU AMY”, and as my heart melted I said it back to a 6’4”, pink shoelaces wearing giant and our lives forever changed. We became not two but one 'Amy and Ryan'."

"My absolute favorite part of our entire wedding day was doing our first look and finally getting to see Ryan on the day we become husband and wife. I had so many emotions running though me that entire morning, but the second I got to see Ryan, absolutely every worry disappeared. I became so calm and ecstatic that you couldn’t get me to that altar fast enough so I could finally call that incredible man my husband!"  - Amy

"Having been dating since 2007, Ryan and I have truly been through it all: high school drama, college, turning 21, breaking up, getting back together, to finding God together. Having been on this amazing, 9-year roller coaster together, we knew how important it was to implement our crazy beautiful history together in our dream wedding. On each of our 18 tables at our wedding we had framed pictures of the two of us since the very beginning of our relationship, all the way to our engagement pictures. Then all around the venue we had wooden signs that Ryan made of our favorite quotes and bible verses over the course of our relationship. All of our friends and family at our wedding have watched us grow together over the years and develop our relationship to what it is today. It was a blessing being surrounded by everyone we love on the most important day of our lives!"

"My favorite moment of our wedding day has to be when my beautiful wife came down the isle for the first time. Even though I saw her during our first look, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Nothing can prepare a man for that moment and I was awestruck. I was excited, anxious, happy, and overcome with emotions I didn’t even know I had. My main focus though was trying not to cry in front of 200 people." - Ryan

"In planning our long awaited wedding day, one thing that was very important to Ryan and I was that every one of our guests feel extremely cherished and loved by us. We wanted everyone who was attending the most important day of our lives to leave saying they have never been to a wedding similar to ours or have seen a bride or groom pour their hearts into every detail like we had done. Ryan and I put our heart and soul into our wedding day. We wanted everyone to feel the love that Ryan and I have in our hearts for each other. Knowing this was a once in a lifetime thing for us and a dream come true to marry your best friend and high school sweetheart, we didn’t hold back one bit! We hand wrote personal notes to each and every one of our guests on a doily and hid them under their dinner plates. We then told everyone before dinner to lift their plates and the excitement and surprise on their faces made it even more worth it!"

"I am beyond blessed to be officially be married to someone so extremely talented! Ryan was so involved with every aspect of our wedding together it made every moment more special. He built our sweetheart wedding table where we had our very first meal as husband and wife. He also built every wooden flower box for the centerpieces to go on each table. Our guests signed a beautiful sign he made to hang in our home & he crafted each of the wooden signs that covered our wedding venue with our favorite quotes and bible verses. It made our wedding custom and unique to fit our personalities. We were even lucky enough to have my grandfather officiate our wedding! He has 3 granddaughters and officiated each and every one. It’s a tradition we hope to one day be blessed to carry on with Ryan officiating his future granddaughters' wedding."

"My best advice to brides-to-be in regards to their wedding day photography would definitely be the same advice my dad gave to me. When we got engaged he told me out of everything to do with your wedding put the most of your research, time, and effort into finding the perfect photographers for your wedding day. As time goes on, people aren’t going to remember what the food tasted like or how the DJ sounded. They are going to look back at your wedding photos and feel all of the emotions that each and every picture made them feel. Wedding photos are the one thing from your wedding day that is going to last a lifetime exactly like your marriage. They are the pictures you will show your children and your grandchildren. Ryan and I both agreed our wedding photographers were the number one most important item we wanted to research and invest in. We definitely found more than we could have dreamt of with Custock Photography!"

"Chad and Jenny were an absolute blessing! They always checked in on us throughout all of our wedding planning. They were there for us immediately through email, calls, or even texts! Chad and Jenny more than prepared us with their awesome and detailed before wedding day questionnaire. It made the entire day go extremely smooth knowing everything we wanted beforehand, and the two of them really took the time to understand what was so important to us on our wedding day. Chad and Jenny pour their heart and soul into their work and it definitely shows. Each photo tells such a beautiful story through their candid, in-the-moment style, it's beyond stunning. They took the time to get to know us and made us feel incredibly comfortable. It took away all of the stress and worries you could possibly have! Having Custock Photography as our wedding day photographers was one of the best decisions we made in planning our dream wedding."

We had such a great experience with the vendors who contributed to Ryan & Amy's magical wedding! It was an awesome team & we look forward to working with them in the future:

Venue: La Grande Wedding & Event Center

DJ & Photobooth: Magic Entertainment

Dessert: TLCakes

Caterer: Englund's Catering (Best tri tip EVER)

Hair: Revive Salon & Spa

Make Up: Royal Aesthetics

Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero

Groom's Tux: Vera Wang